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We are the Solution! Celebrating Family Farming in Africa

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About the Campaign

We are the Solution! is a campaign led by African farmers to address the food crisis. The initiative, which is currently focusing on Women & Biodiversity in West Africa, involves women's associations, farmer federations, community leaders, agro-ecology specialists, and local media organizations. Together they are working to improve, promote, and share vibrant agricultural knowledge and practices for a resilient and cost effective regional food system. Twelve rural women's associations are assuming leadership in the campaign while carrying out community level activities for food sovereignty. In addition to a regional campaign, country level campaigns are currently underway in Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Guinea, and Burkina Faso.

Rural women leaders from participating associations are speaking out in favor of women's farming practices that have fed their families and communities over generations. They speak strongly against genetically modified seeds and chemical fertilizers. These dynamic women are making their voices heard on local radio stations and in regional newspapers, on television and at international conferences. Their message is reaching national governments, as well as decision-makers within international businesses, foundations, and NGOs.
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Based in Dakar, Senegal, Fahamu's coordinator for We are the Solution! supports the planning and realization of regional and country-level events, as well as the research, knowledge-exchange and capacity-building by the rural women's associations.

New Field Foundation is partnering with several other foundations to support the campaign, including The Christensen Fund, CS Fund, Grassroots International, and Swift Foundation.