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La Via Campesina
Harare, Zimbabwe

La Via Campesina (LVC) was founded in 1993 as an international movement of peasant farmers, landless people, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers. Together they aim to defend food sovereignty and agroecological, smallholder food production. LVC advocates for legal rights that protect local food producers from imports, support their means of production, and empower them to manage their land, water, seeds, livestock and biodiversity resources. LVC comprises 150 organizations in 70 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, representing an estimated 200 million family farmers worldwide. New Field funding reaches LVC through its fiscal sponsor Coordination Nationale des Organisations de Paysannes (CNOP).

2014$239,5201.5 years
This grant continues to support the infrastructural development of four schools in Mali, Niger, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique with an emphasis on agroecological training and education. The grant also supports a cross-regional planning meeting, farmer-to-farmer field exchanges across Africa, learning exchanges between Africa- and Latin America-based agroecology schools, and staff monitoring visits.
2012$180,0001 year
This grant contributes to the development of rural agroecology schools in Mali, Mozambique, Niger and Zimbabwe, with improved training facilities and the creation of an agroecology curriculum relevant to family farmers, including rural women. It will also support meetings and learning exchanges between representatives of the four organizations developing the agroecology schools.

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