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Fédération Paysanne KAFO
Bissau, Guinea Bissau

KAFO is a federation of indigenous people (Mandinke, Peul, Manjack) who are active in agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal breeding, beekeeping, and traditional medicine. Its aim is to strengthen rural organizations that are promoting rural development, managing natural resources sustainably, and preserving the cultural heritage of local communities. KAFO’s members are highly organized, with some 25,000 members forming 1,000 groups that make up 10 peasant associations. Its head office is in Djalicounda in the Oio region of Guinea Bissau, where it has a rural training center for its members and a community radio, called ‘The Voice of the Peasant’.

2014$142,4121 year
This grant enables KAFO to continue its Community Grantmaking Program by awarding 20 community grants to support rural women’s groups in vegetable and fruit production, the processing and sale of non-timber forest products, beekeeping, and artisanal soap and salt production.
2014$112,9741.5 years
This grant supports KAFO’s strategy to establish a network of practicing women farmer agroecologists to mentor other women farmers in agroecological practices, thereby encouraging leadership development and knowledge exchange. In particular, it enables five rural women’s organizations in the regions of Oio and Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau, to learn about and use agroecological practices to grow cereal crops and raise small ruminants and poultry. This grant supports
2013$96,8531 year
This grant enables KAFO to continue its Community Grantmaking Program by making community grants to support horticulture, and provide farm equipment and working capital for salt mining and forestry.
2012$68,5781 year
This grant enables KAFO to introduce the Community Grantmaking Program in Guinea Bissau by making eight community grants to eight women’s groups.
2012$7,7566 months
This grant enables members of KAFO and APOLCOF to participate in a community grantmaking convening in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.

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