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Association des Productrices et d┬┤Autopromotion pour la Lutte Contre la Faim (APALCOF)
Bissau, Guinea Bissau

APALCOF was established in 1990 by rural women of the Bafata province to improve their living conditions, to address gender inequality in agricultural programs in Guinea Bissau, and reduce the poverty and workload of rural women. APALCOF is a federation of 29 rural women’s associations working to farm sustainably and achieve food sovereignty. APALCOF’s main activities are market gardening and vegetable farming, development of low-lying areas for rice cultivation, creation of cereal banks, adult literacy training, dyeing, animal breeding, and trading.

2014$39,5911.5 years
This grant strengthens the institutional capacities of APALCOF and its rural women’s member groups through support for strategic planning meetings, board meetings, evaluations, leadership trainings, and the acquisition of new materials.
2013$61,1701 year
This grant enables APALCOF to build its members’ capacity to improve their living conditions, with improved diets, larger incomes, and increased status of rural women in their communities.
2012$51,8301 year
With this grant APALCOF strengthens its institutional and technical capacity in order to better serve members to improve their working conditions and bring about food security in member communities.

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