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Grants Awarded | Niger River Basin

ONG Association pour le Développement Actif et Participatif (ADAP)
Koutiala, Mali

ADAP was created in 1997 in order to strengthen the capacity of rural populations to determine and realize the most appropriate actions for the benefit of their communities. Based in Koutiala, ADAP works in the Kayes, Sikasso, Ségou, Mopti and Tombouctou regions. Active mainly in villages that have little experience in community development, ADAP supports member groups to build their capacity. Its 55 member groups include 15 women’s farming cooperatives, 20 mixed gender and 20 male farmers’ cooperatives producing cotton and cereal.

2014$25,0141.5 years
This grant strengthens the economic and social power of nine rural women’s organizations in the Koutiala cotton region of Mali.
2013$30,7051 year
This grant supports the work of five women’s associations and four women’s cooperatives in the cotton-producing zone of Koutiala. The grant builds the capacity of these groups for networking, organizational management, rights-based advocacy, and marketing their agricultural products.
2012$28,5811 year
This grant enables ADAP to provide technical services to five women’s associations and four women’s cooperatives that are operating in the cotton-growing zone of Koutiala in southern Mali.

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