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Grants Awarded | Niger River Basin

Initiatives pour le Développement et la Solidarité (IDS)
Koury, Mali

IDS was created in 2001 to encourage the empowerment of disadvantaged populations – particularly women and young people – in one of the poorest regions of Mali. IDS offers programs in literacy, health, rights and governance at village and community level, so as to increase citizen participation and action.

2014$29,8471.5 years
This grant strengthens the social and economic capacity of 12 rural women’s organizations in the administrative circle of Yorosso, Mali. In particular, it enables the acquisition of labor-saving technology and supports training in public speaking, rights advocacy, organizational governance, and financial management.
2013$35,6831 year
This grant adds eight rural women’s groups to the IDS network. With this grant, thirteen rural women’s groups in the Yorosso region generate income from the use of multifunctional platforms, sale of cereals and shea butter, goat-rearing, and collective farming of maize and sesame.
2012$31,5471 year
This grant enables IDS to support five rural women’s groups in the Yorosso area to develop income-generating activities, including the use of multifunctional platforms, sale of cereals, sheep rearing, and market gardening.

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