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Grants Awarded | Niger River Basin

Convergence des Femmes Rurales pour la Souverainete Alimentaire (COFERSA)
Sikasso, Mali

COFERSA is a union of 16 rural women’s cooperatives that work to increase the economic power of its members, as well as their social and political status. With members in six regions of Mali, COFERSA supports the capacity of its members in advocacy and agricultural food production in order to attain food sovereignty and to counter the effects of impoverishment caused by the industrialization of cotton production in Mali. COFERSA’s members participate mainly in agricultural production, processing and marketing, reforestation, rearing of small livestock and poultry, as well as market gardening.

2014$142,4121 year
This grant strengthens COFERSA’s monitoring and learning systems while building the capacity of its member organizations to advocate for agroecology as well as their social and economic interests.
2013$33,7751 year
This grant increases the economic power and autonomy of the rural women’s cooperatives that comprise COFERSA. In particular, it strengthens the capacity of COFERSA’s member cooperatives to produce a range of food crops using agroecological methods, and to process and market them with efficiency and positive financial returns.
2012$29,6081 year
This grant strengthens COFERSA and its member groups by improving its management and administrative systems and increasing the skills and abilities of rural women leaders to understand their roles and responsibilities within their groups.

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