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Grants Awarded | Mano River Union

Kono Women's Co-operative
Koidu City, Sierra Leone

The Kono Women’s Cooperative emerged in early 2012 as an autonomous body out of the Kono Kailahun Women’s Cooperative, which was established in 2009 by 25 chairwomen leaders of the rural women’s groups that had been receiving community grants. The main purpose of the Kono Women’s Cooperative is to address poverty, hunger and the abuse of women through participation in socio-economic activities. The group focuses particularly on farming geared towards promoting self-reliance, increased food production and marketing within Kono district and its environs. The Cooperative currently has 16 member groups.

201540,0001 year
This grant supports the rural women of the Kono Cooperative to increase their economic self-reliance by expanding their agricultural production and building a retail store and warehouse in Koidu City to market their products.
2014$10,0001 year
This grant supports Kono Co-op to educate communities in three chiefdoms in Kono District on how to respond to and prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.
2013$35,0001 year
This grant supports twenty-three Kono Co-op members in food production, workshops on property rights and access to land, and organizational assessment.
2012$30,0001 year
With this grant, the Kono Co-op establishes itself as an independent cooperative in order to strengthen the status of rural women, improve their means of livelihood, and increase their knowledge and assets.

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