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Grants Awarded | Niger River Basin

Federation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes (FENOP)
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

FENOP was established in 1996 by over 300 male and female peasant farmers to address the challenge posed by the State’s disengagement from the rural world due to liberalization of the agricultural sector. It brings together 150 farmer organizations (cooperatives, local unions, associations, and regional federations) from the 45 provinces of Burkina Faso. Its goal is to defend family farms by developing farming as a rewarding occupation for rural people. It does this through the promotion of information and communication, trainings and meetings for farmers, legal assistance and mediation on behalf of its members. It provides support and advice to members so they can make use of local, national and international expertise to study and implement development programs.

20159,6746 months
This grant supports FENOP to provide a more efficient capacity building program in agroecology to rural women’s groups in the two provinces of Houet and Comoé in Burkina Faso.
2014$21,4901.5 years
This grant supports the members of 20 rural women’s groups in the Cascades and Upper Basin regions of Burkina Faso to practice agroecology in the production of rice, maize, and cowpeas crops, and market these crops via three rural women farmers unions. This grant concludes New Field funding to FENOP.
2014$99,1001.5 years
This grant strengthens the knowledge and skills of 30 rural women from 10 rural women’s organizations in Burkina Faso and Mali to be leaders and mentors in the use of agroecological farming methods.
2013$37,4731 year
This grant builds upon the technical skills and knowledge of rural women’s group members in the Hauts-Bassins and Cascades regions in Burkina Faso. Grant activities focus on increasing the economic and social power of rural women through agroecological approaches to food production.
2013$3,8386 months
This grant supports activities for the We Are the Solution campaign, coordinated by FENOP to mark the International Day of Rural Women.
2012$30,9961 year
This grant continues to support FENOP’s work on rural women’s awareness of food sovereignty and family farming issues. In particular, the grant supports increasing land-based productivity, income, and access to agroecological information and trainings.
2011$26,0711 year
With this grant, FENOP supports rural women in Burkina Faso to advocate on behalf of themselves as family farmers. FENOP will also provide rural women with training on agro-ecological methods and leadership.

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