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Oxford, United Kingdom

Founded in 1999, Mango is a non-profit organization with the mission to strengthen the financial management and accountability of development and humanitarian NGOs and their partners all around the world. It offers regular trainings in 17 countries in Africa. Increasingly it works with smaller NGOs as well as donors sponsoring training and tools for their NGO partners. In addition to its trainings, Mango offers financial consultancy services to NGOs and provides financial resources, such as its Guide to Financial Management for NGOs as free downloads.

201582,9381 year
With this grant Mango provides a Financial management course and a Practical financial strategy workshop to seven New Field partner organizations based in West Africa. In addition to the courses, Mango offers one-on-one consultations at each partner’s office site to further assist with implementing long-term financing strategies based on their specific institutional needs.
2013$7,2036 months
This supplementary grant provides support for additional operational and strategic financial management trainings.
2012$91,5931.5 years
This grant provides financial management trainings and refresher courses for 85 participants from 30 grantee partner organizations in West Africa.
2010$48,021.5 years
With this grant, Mango provides financial management training to several of New Field Foundation’s grantee partners in French-speaking West Africa. This includes a custom-designed financial training for nine of our Casamance and Guinea partners, as well as a five-day standard training for six of our Burkina Faso and Mali partners

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