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Grants Awarded | Niger River Basin

Association pour la Promotion des Initiatives de Base Wuye Tègè (APIB)
Sikasso, Mali

APIB was founded in 2000 by a group of educated young Malians interested in developing their country. Its goal is to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of Mali by providing support for local district councils and community organizations. APIB accomplishes this by providing training, coordination, and advice to council members and by facilitating interactions between local councils and community organizations. APIB works with 123 agricultural associations & cooperatives.

2014$56,7281 year
This grant enables APIB to make 11 community grants in support of rural women’s groups in the Sikasso region of Mali.
2013$51,1751 year
This grant enables APIB to make 11 community grants. The grant supports additional rural women’s groups to make compost and promote crop production using agroecological methods. The grant also supports these rural women’s groups to develop and implement their own capacity-building plans.
2012$41,8601 year
With this grant APIB makes 11 community grants while providing technical services to support the women’s groups to strengthen income-generating activities, increase knowledge of agro-ecological methods, and ensure the development of agricultural and food processing infrastructure.
2010$31,3651 year
APIB intends to use this grant to provide community grants and technical services to five rural women’s organizations in the Sikasso region. Specifically, the organizations will be supported to improve their access to financial resources for income-generating activities, to lighten their workload in the fields and at home, and to build their organizational and operational capacity.

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