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Groundswell International
Washington, D.C.

Groundswell International was established in 2009 to contribute to the global movement to overcome poverty, inequality and ecological destruction by supporting community-based organizations to work together to improve wellbeing, spread lasting solutions and engage in larger coalitions for change. It promotes appropriate strategies for rural development based on sustainable agriculture and strengthening of local food systems.

2014$50,0001 year
This grant enables Groundswell International to support the livelihood and food security of rural women in eastern Burkina Faso through market gardening, technical agroecological training, the building of new wells, and the purchase of agricultural equipment. The grant also strengthens the leadership capacity of ten rural women’s groups through management training and learning exchanges.
2011$4,7856 months
This grant enables Groundswell International’s co-coordinator for West Africa to attend the Pacific Northwest Global Donors Conference and make a presentation on agro-ecology and local food systems.
2010$35,0171 year
This grant enables Groundswell International to support grassroots women’s organizations to promote and expand proven agro-ecological approaches so as to improve food security, agricultural production and household income. Groundswell will also support exchanges between farmers and document successful agro-ecological practices so that they can be shared with national and regional networks in Burkina Faso.
2010$2,8706 months
This grant enables the co-coordinator of Groundswell to attend a week-long training about genetically modified organisms, agro-ecological alternatives, and community rights. New insight from this training will enable Groundswell to better understand and respond to the risks of genetically modified seeds within its grantee communities.

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