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Grants Awarded | Casamance

Directoire RĂ©gional des Femmes en Elevage de Kolda (DIRFEL-Kolda)
Kolda, Senegal

DIRFEL-Kolda was created in 1998 to help women who raise livestock make their voices heard and maximize their activities' profits. It has approximately 1,200 female members, all of whom are heads of households and who earn most of their income from breeding livestock. Ninety-five percent are village women living in 13 rural districts, and 5% live on the outskirts of Kolda, one of the poorest towns in Senegal. These members are organized into 14 groups, and are responsible for some 7,000 people in their households. DIRFEL-Kolda’s activities revolve around training women in livestock rearing, developing their management capacity, networking and civic participation. It is part of a national network of women livestock breeders that has a general assembly, a board and an executive board at regional, district and community levels.

2015$149,1001 year
This grant enables DIRFEL to award community grants to 17 rural women’s groups in Casamance in order to strengthen their livestock production and input supply capacity. The grant also supports DIRFEL’s institutional capacity and allows them to provide technical training and to raise awareness on rural women’s rights education via community radio.
2013$160,2842 years
This grant enables DIRFEL-Kolda to make 18 community grants over two years to 12 rural women’s groups, provide training in organizational and financial
management, and improve its poultry center. It also enables six rural women reporters, in collaboration with local community radio stations, to produce and broadcast radio programs on women’s rights.

2011$1,5976 months
This grant enables two representatives to participate in a financial management training in Dakar, Senegal.
2010$6,2226 months
This grant enables 30 rural women members of DIRFEL-Kolda to participate in the World Social Forum in Dakar Senegal in February 2011. The women are organizing and participating in activities aimed at spreading awareness of their organization’s work and the issues affecting livestock rearing in Casamance.
2009$100,6322 years
The grant enables DIRFEL-Kolda to provide six community grants: five for women's groups and one for the DIRFEL-Kolda center for poultry-rearing. The grants support the groups to integrate market gardening practices, as well as reinforce their administrative and accounting capacities. With this grant, Dirfel-Kolda will also hire a manager for the community grantmaking program.

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