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Gbetima-Kebawana Women's Development Association (Gbetima-Kebawana)
Kailahun District, Sierra Leone

Gbetima-Kebawana Women’s Development Association grew out of collaboration between two women’s groups - Kebawana Women's Development Association of Malema Chiefdom and Gbetima Women's Group of Mandu Chiefdom. The two groups were founded in separate refugee camps in Liberia in 1993 and 1995. When the women returned to Sierra Leone after the civil war ended in 2002, they combined into one association because of similarities in mission, the proximity of their chiefdoms and solidarity for women’s empowerment. The mission of Gbetima-Kebawana is to work together towards making rural women self-reliant, with a focus on reducing poverty and attaining sustainable peace in devestated communities. With a membership of nearly 1,200 rural women, Gbetima-Kebawana has been receiving community grants from the National Accountability Group since 2005, and has developed its own oil palm grove.

2009$6,8601 year
This grant enables Gbetima-Kebawana to purchase a rice huller and construct a drying floor for rice for the Gbetima sub-group. The grant also enables the association to develop its capacity in grants administration and financial management as well as hold exchange visits and networking activities with other women’s associations in the region.

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