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Grants Awarded | Mano River Union

Agboumuma Women's Development Association (AWDA)
Kailahun District, Sierra Leone

Agboumuma Women’s Development Association (AWDA) is the largest of 25 community-based rural women’s associations to receive funding through the National Accountability Group community grantmaking program. Founded in 2003, the Association’s membership has rapidly increased to over 1,000 women in 10 village communities in the Kailahun/Guinea border chiefdom of Kissi Teng. AWDA’s mission is to encourage rural women in Kissi Teng to unite and take part in activities that will improve their socio-economic well-being. Programmatic activities have focused on building the capacity of women and promoting their welfare through increasing food production and establishing skills training programs such as in weaving, baking and adult literacy.

2009$6,8601 year
This grant enables AWDA to purchase a second rice huller and to construct a drying floor for rice. Additionally through this grant, AWDA is supported to develop its capacity in grants administration and financial management as well as to hold networking activities and exchange visits between its member groups.

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