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Grants Awarded | Casamance

Comité d'Appui et de Soutien au Développement Economique et Social des régions de Ziguinchor et de Kolda (CASADES)
Kolda, Senegal

CASADES was founded in 1997 to help find solutions to the conflict in Casamance. Based in Kolda, the organization contributes to the establishment of a sustainable society by promoting peace and stability, civic participation and the interests of youth and women. CASADES currently works with 62 women’s groups to promote agriculture, livestock, and commercial products.

2014$99956 months
This grant enables the purchase of a rice thresher and allows CASADES to continue providing functional literacy classes.
2013$107,350 2 years
With this grant, CASADES is expanding its community grantmaking program by awarding community grants to twenty rural women’s associations engaged in agricultural production and civic engagement. CASADES is also providing literacy classes, training on female entrepreneurship, techniques for lobbying and advocacy, and awareness raising on the electoral system and citizenship.
2012$4,6976 months
This grant enables members of CASADES and USOFORAL to participate in a community grantmaking convening in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.
2011$94,3132 years
With this grant CASADES expands its Community Grantmaking Program by awarding community grants to eight rural women’s associations in Bounkiling district as well as to the rural women’s network, Sémbé Assek.
2011$1,8686 months
This grant enables two representatives to participate in a financial management training in Dakar, Senegal.
2010$6,2226 months
This grant enables 30 rural women members of Sembé Assek, a community grantee of CASADES, to participate in the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal in February 2011. The women are organizing and participating in activities aimed at raising awareness of their organization’s activities as well as display products made by the union.
2010$29,9531 year
This grant enables CASADES to continue to improve the economic and social situation of rural women in the rural community of Bona, located in the Kolda region, with two community grants. Specifically, CASADES will support a local rural women’s network to gain greater representation for women in decision making circles and a union of women rice producers to improve yields and become more financially autonomous.
2009$23,0471 year
This grant enables CASADES to increase its institutional capacity so that it can better achieve its goals. Specifically, the grant supports the development of its administrative and financial systems, to enable the growth of its programs benefiting rural women. The grant also enables CASADES to provide a community grant and technical assistance to an emerging network so that it can become better established, plan its activities more effectively, and have more impact.

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