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Grants Awarded | Mano River Union

West Africa Network for Peacebuilding - Sierra Leone (WANEP-SL)
Freetown, Sierra Leone

WANEP-SL is a civil society network founded by professionals in Sierra Leone and Ghana in 2001-2002 to foster peaceful co-existence among Sierra Leoneans, as part of a regional initiative. WANEP-SL is national in scope and has a membership of 58 registered civil society groups, 22 of which are local women’s groups committed to encouraging, facilitating, and mobilizing local initiatives for peace and justice.

2009$20,0001 year
This grant supports WANEP–SL to establish two gender-based violence ‘complaint desks’ in Bo and Kailahun districts that monitor cases of women’s rights violations. WANEP-SL hosts workshops and meetings with community members, women’s groups, and local authorities to ensure gender-based violence cases continue to be addressed. The grant also supports staff and volunteer training on information collection and case management using a peaceful and rights-based approach.

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