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Grants Awarded | Casamance

Réseau Africain pour le Développement Intégré (RADI)
Dakar, Senegal

African Network for Integrated Development (RADI) was created in 1985 to fight poverty, injustice and ignorance. Its approach is participatory: it supports and accompanies communities that face these challenges to develop and manage their own initiatives. RADI provides technical support and training in ways that build long-term independence. It works in the areas of: health and hygiene; decentralization and local government; promotion of rights and legal aid; education, training and literacy; sustainable agriculture and food security; networks and civic society; micro-finance; and communication and information technology.

2014$9,9876 months
This grant supports a learning exchange between rural women paralegals in Senegal and Guinea on rural women’s rights and developing a paralegal program.
2013$51,5281 year
This grant supports the participation of RADI in the Alliance Djibélor, a collaboration with Federation Kafo and ADDEF-G in Guinea, Guinea Bissau, and Senegal. The grant supports the design and distribution of materials on rural women’s rights for use by paralegals.
2013$129,9602 years
This grant enables RADI to extend the reach of its paralegal program promoting the rights of rural women throughout Casamance. This grant supports twenty-four rural women in the Kolda and Sédhiou regions to become paralegals. It also supports partnerships with three community radio stations to broadcast programs in local languages on women’s rights.
2012$56,2361 year
This grant facilitates access to and mastery of legal instruments concerning citizenship, democracy and local governance among the rural women of Ziguinchor, Niaguis and Oussouye, their leaders and local authorities in Casamance. The grant also enables RADI to strengthen and streamline its operations with the introduction of accounting software that upgrades and centralizes its book-keeping and financial reporting.
2010$6,2736 months
This grant enables 35 rural women members of RADI to participate in the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal in February 2011. The women are organizing and participating in activities aimed at raising awareness of their organization’s activities by valorizing the work of paralegals and integrating the issue of women’s rights into the forum agenda.
2009$55,1042 years
This grant continues to support RADI’s work to increase awareness on women’s rights and promote rural women’s civic participation in Casamance. Specifically, it supports a comprehensive training program for 42 paralegals in rural communities, as well as the participation of three local organizations (AJAC, AJAEDO, and USOFORAL) in the program. It enables a better understanding of the impact of the program through increased monitoring and learning by RADI.
2008$16,0161 year
This grant enables RADI to work with three local organizations (AJAC-Lukaal, AJAEDO, USOFORAL) to train fifteen of their members on issues related to women’s human rights, social and economic rights, family law, citizenship and democracy, advocacy, and networking. The program also includes activities to raise awareness in Casamance about the rights and duties of citizens through plays, radio shows and exchange forums, as well as question and answer sessions with citizens.

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