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Midwives on Missions of Service (MOMS)
San Francisco, USA

Founded in 2001, MOMS’ mission is to improve child and maternal health through education and training. MOMS accomplishes this by training women to be effective traditional birth attendants, promoting midwifery care, and educating communities about healthy pregnancy and motherhood. Its work is focused entirely in the Kailahun district of Sierra Leone.

2013$44006 months
This grant enables MOMS to provide additional support and training for maternal and child care at the health clinic in Ngolahun.
2010$5,0566 months
This grant enables MOMS to carry out additional work on the health post in Ngolahun.
2009$22,0001 year
This grant enables the construction of a health post, in collaboration with A-Gii-Amue Women’s Group in Ngolahun. It is intended to provide prenatal check-ups, deliveries and post-partum check-ups for women in four chiefdoms surrounding the town of Ngolahun, under the supervision of the district hospital.
2008$7,5001 year
This grant contributes to the operating costs of MOMS’s Freetown office. Specifically, it covers office rent, vehicle maintenance and travel expenses for staff to carry out trainings in Kailahun District.

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