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Grants Awarded | Casamance

Forum Pour un Développement Durable et Endogène (FODDE)
Kolda, Senegal

FODDE was created in 1997 to provide food security for poor households, equal access to basic social services for women, and capacity building for grassroots community organizations in Kolda, Casamance. FODDE prioritizes gender equity and institutional capacity building in its work with local organizations, and provides technical assistance for agricultural production, community health programs, and income generation. It is active in 70 villages in the Kolda region of Casamance and has a direct impact on about 26,000 people. It also supports the development of the rural women’s network REPROCAS .

2015$117,0001 year
This grant enables FODDE to award 18 community grants and provide technical assistance in support of rural women’s market gardening. With the community grants, women’s groups are able to improve their productivity by digging new wells, acquiring solar pumping systems and building new irrigation systems.
2014$190,6241 year
This grant enables FODDE to continue its community grantmaking program by providing technical assistance and awarding 18 community grants to rural women’s groups.
2012$221,8702 years
With this grant FODDE expands its community grantmaking program by awarding 29 community grants to 15 rural women’s groups over two years.
2011$2,6356 months
This grant enables two staff members to participate in a financial management training in Dakar, Senegal.
2010$6,2226 months
This grant enables 30 rural women members of FODDE to participate in the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal in February 2011. The women are organizing and participating in activities aimed at raising awareness of their organization’s work as well as advocating for greater land ownership for women.
2009$1,9596 months
This grant enables a staff member of FODDE to attend a convening in Mbour, Senegal, with the purpose of strengthening and improving the quality and effectiveness of community grantmaking programs.
2009$205,1182 years
This grant enables FODDE to provide community grants and technical assistance to 14 rural women’s groups with the goal of strengthening rural women’s economic and organizational capacities and resources. Specifically, the grants enable the groups to buy and install three tilling machines, three rice hullers, and set up seven market gardening plots. FODDE is also providing technical services and training to the groups so that they can effectively manage their grants, and develop skills in negotiation, advocacy and leadership.
2008$66,1981 year
This grant enables FODDE to provide community grants and technical assistance to nine rural women’s groups in Kolda. Specifically, the grant enables the groups to buy and install gardening equipment and rice hullers, develop their organizational capacity, and improve their administrative and financial systems. The grant also contributes to FODDE’s operational and communication costs.
2008$7,9956 months
This grant enables a staff and a community member of FODDE to be part of a rural women’s delegation attending the 2008 AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development, in Cape Town, South Africa, with the purpose of sharing knowledge, building connections, and informing strategies.
2008$12,7506 months
This grant enables FODDE to coordinate a workshop for five local community grantmaking organizations that provide grants and technical assistance to rural women’s groups in Casamance. The workshop provides the opportunity for learning, exchange, and development of administrative and financial management skills. Each community grantmaking organization is planning a follow-up workshop with the rural women’s groups it supports in order to share the information and learning it has gained.
2007$58,5231 year
This grant enables FODDE to provide community grants and technical assistance to six rural women’s groups in Kolda to increase their agricultural productivity, foster institutional development, and improve their financial management skills.

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