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Grants Awarded | Casamance

Directoire National des Femmes en Elevage (DINFEL)
Dakar, Senegal

DINFEL is a federation of some 20,000 women members involved in animal husbandry. It aims to strengthen rural women working in this sector and to encourage strong self-organizing of their activities. With local branches in each of the 11 regions of Senegal, DINFEL provides technical assistance, financial investment, training in project management and women’s leadership development, and advocacy.

2009$1,9686 months
This grant enables a staff member of Dinfel to attend a convening in Mbour, Senegal, with the purpose of strengthening and improving the quality and effectiveness of community grantmaking programs.
2008$34,9001 year
This grant enables DINFEL to support its Kolda branch in Casamance and provides funds for community grants so that rural women’s groups can improve livestock production while increasing agricultural production.
2007$31,3661 year
This grant enables DINFEL to provide community grants and technical assistance to several rural women’s groups in Kolda District, Casamance, to start up their animal husbandry businesses and improve their financial and project management skills. In addition, this grant will provide office and transport funds to DINFEL’s Kolda branch in Casamance.

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