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Grants Awarded | Mano River Union

Women's Rights International (WRI)
Albuquerque, USA

Women’s Rights International (WRI), a project of The Tides Center since 1995, applies new methodology to documenting human rights violations against women during war, and also supports grassroots groups to develop programs based on local knowledge to address the effects of war violence on women’s lives. For the past 15 years, WRI has partnered with women living in countries in conflict and countries with a history of state-sponsored violence, including the former Yugoslavia, Liberia, Haiti, and Sri Lanka. In each location, WRI works with local organizations to document and address the health, human rights, and social consequences of war and government violence, and also promotes each woman’s right to self-determination and freedom from violence.

2007$30,0006 months
This grant supports WRI and the Women’s Health and Development Program (WHDP) to present their findings to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Liberia in 2008, with a focus on violence against women and other human rights violations during the recent civil war. The WRI/ WHDP presentation is based on surveys conducted among Liberian women in the mid-1990s. The testimony and other material will be shared widely through the media and local organizations, as part of Liberia’s transition to democracy and peace.

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