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Women Thrive Worldwide
Washington, DC, USA

Women Thrive Worldwide (formerly Women’s Edge Coalition) was founded in 1998. It develops, shapes, and advocates for policies that foster economic opportunity for women living in poverty. Women Thrive Worldwide consults with hundreds of local women’s organizations on the ground in developing countries to ensure that the policies it proposes and shapes are solving the real problems women face in their daily lives. Working with diverse partners, it mobilizes Americans and policymakers in Washington, DC to make these solutions a reality for the millions of women around the world struggling to escape poverty on the basis that - as a major world power, donor, and trading partner - U.S. international assistance and trade policies have disproportionate impact on women in poor countries.

2014$25,0001 year
This grant supports the development of essential fundraising skills among community-based organizations in West Africa through a series of six French-language training webinars offered by Women Thrive.
2013$13,9696 months
This grant supports Women Thrive to update, translate into French, and disseminate its effective publication, ‘Fundraising Guide for Women’s Community-Based Organizations’.
2009$150,0002 years
This grant enables Women Thrive Worldwide to develop advocacy partnerships in Burkina Faso and Ghana, in order to raise awareness about U.S.-funded agricultural programs in Africa and the need to integrate gender. Specifically, Women Thrive Worldwide and its partners want to ensure that rural women can benefit from the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) in their countries.
2008$40,0001 year
This grant enables Women Thrive Worldwide to build a formal partnership with a Burkinabe women’s organization to engage in advocacy on the Millennium Challenge Account-Burkina Faso (MCA-BF). Specifically, the partnership plans to monitor implementation of the recently approved five-year, $500 million poverty alleviation agreement. Through dual advocacy, Women Thrive and its partner aim to ensure that women participate in the process and benefit from local programs.
2007$20,0006 months
This grant enables Women Thrive Worldwide to get to know a range of African organizations that are knowledgeable about the impact of U.S. trade policies on women living in poverty in select countries in French-speaking West Africa, with the goal of developing two or three partnerships for joint work on relevant policy change.

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