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Grants Awarded | Niger River Basin

Action on Disability and Development Francophone West Africa (ADD-FWAP)
Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Created in 2000 by U.K.-based Action on Disability and Development, ADD FWAP works on issues related to disability in Burkina Faso and Mali. ADD FWAP partners with local disability organizations to enable people with disabilities to campaign for their rights and to influence practices and policies for their full inclusion in society. It provides direct services and helps strengthen its partner organizations through awareness raising, training, counseling, accompaniment, and financial and technical support; additionally, the organization undertakes advocacy and works to improve public policy pertaining to people with disabilities.

2012$150,8182 years
With this grant ADD-FWAP introduces Freedom from Hunger’s Saving for Change program to 275 rural women’s groups with 5,500 members in the Bougouriba and Tuy Provinces in western Burkina Faso.
2010$63,1061 year
With this grant ADD-FWAP provides community grants to strengthen the infrastructure of organizations and unions of women with disabilities (6 in Burkina Faso and 4 in Mali with a combined membership of 2,200). The grant also enables ADD-FWAP to study the impact of its work in the last five years and conduct research to identify and introduce an effective savings and loans program that can be tailored to the needs of women with disabilities in rural areas.
2009$42,9621 year
This grant enables ADD-FWAP to continue its work of strengthening organizations and networks for women with disabilities in Burkina Faso and Mali. Through community grants, technical assistance, and training in literacy, networking, financial management, and vocational education, ADD-FWAP will enable organizations for women with disabilities to advocate for social inclusion and reduction of poverty.
2008$30,0006 months
This grant enables ADD-FWAP to provide technical assistance and support to emerging organizations for women with disabilities. ADD-FWAP provides these groups with training in organizational development, as well as operational support. It also provides literacy and vocational training to women with disabilities in order to strengthen their economic capacity.
2007$40,0001 year
This grant enables ADD-FWAP to build on its existing work with organizations of people with disabilities, particularly women. ADD-FWAP provides financial support, technical assistance and training to its partner organizations in advocacy, capacity building, micro enterprise, fundraising, gender awareness, and leadership. The grant also funds ADD-FWAP’s operational costs to enable it to serve its partner organizations efficiently.
2006$19,5721 year
ADD FWAP recognizes that women and girls with disabilities face multiple barriers due both to their gender and their disability. This grant is to support two national workshops in Burkina Faso and Mali to advance the role of women with disabilities in the mainstream women’s movement and wider community. In particular, the workshops are intended to raise awareness of community members and decision makers about the barriers facing women with disabilities, and to enable the formation of alliances among the organizations serving these women.
2006$4,8546 months
This grant supports representatives of ADD FWAP and the National Union of Disabled Women’s Organizations of Mali to attend the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya. To follow up, they will share their learning and experience with networks of other disability organizations in Burkina Faso and Mali.
2005$50,0002 years
ADD FWAP is committed to supporting the leadership of women with disabilities within the disability movement as a whole. This grant enables ADD FWAP to work with organizations serving people with disabilities to analyze gender issues within those organizations and to plan and carry out activities that will enable the active participation and leadership of women with disabilities. In addition, ADD FWAP supports the establishment and development of organizations serving women with disabilities in Burkina Faso, in particular those that are increasingly women-led and women-managed.
2005$3,6726 months
This grant supports seven people active in the disabilities movement in West Africa to attend the World Social Forum 2006 in Bamako, Mali.

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