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Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood (GROOTS) International
Brooklyn, USA

GROOTS was launched in 1989 by 20 community leaders from around the world to create a global network that gives voice and power to grassroots women's organizations and their leadership. GROOTS operates as a membership network, linking grassroots leaders and groups across national and regional boundaries so they can share information, mobilize resources, and influence policy.

2010$135,0003 years
With this grant, GROOTS builds on its work over the past four years by reinforcing the HIV/AIDS Home-Based Care Alliance in Kenya and Uganda, and strengthen a core group of grassroots leaders to serve as peer mentors. In addition, this grant enables GROOTS to expand its Alliance model to West Africa through funding, technical support, and capacity building for member groups and hosting regional workshops.
2009$10,0006 months
This grant enables GROOTS Kenya to support four member groups of the HIV/AIDS Home Based Care Alliance to establish their own offices, purchase computers and receive training in computer and book keeping skills. Each group will establish a small grants fund to strengthen the economic base of 20 grassroots women leaders through income-generation activities.
2008$121,0002 years
This grant enables GROOTS Kenya to continue supporting the national alliance of grassroots women’s self-help and home-based care groups in Kenya to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It also enables GROOTS Kenya to support its long-term Ugandan partner, Uganda Community Based Organizations (UCOBAC), to organize its grassroots members and caregivers into a collective network. GROOTS plans to develop a team of community trainers and a learning methodology, based on peer learning experiences, in order to scale up the organizing of the alliance across Africa.
2007$35,0001 year
This grant supports GROOTS International to initiate the first phase of establishing a multi-media resource facility for grassroots women that draws on their community knowledge. The grant helps GROOTS hire a program consultant to compile and analyze information, which will be disseminated online and through grassroots learning events. GROOTS plans to conduct a needs assessment with potential users, as well as consult with globally recognized popular education and training organizations.
2006$7,5006 months
This grant enables African members of GROOTS to participate in the World Social Forum (WSF) 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya. It also supports GROOTS Kenya (a member grassroots network of GROOTS International) to share the work of Kenyan women who are organizing collectively to deal with HIV/AIDS, as part of their participation in the Forum.

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