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Grants Awarded | Casamance

Freedom from Hunger
Davis, USA

Founded in 1946, Freedom from Hunger is an international development organization that has pioneered the ‘credit with education’ approach, combining micro-credit loans with health and business education. Freedom from Hunger works with nearly 50 local partners in 15 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

2010$70,0002 years
With this grant, Freedom From Hunger and its Mali partner, Avançons, will continue to provide technical assistance to USOFORAL for the ‘Savings for Change’ program. This will enable USOFORAL to manage the program effectively and offer services that enable rural women members to improve their living conditions. The grant includes an assessment of USOFORAL’s capacity to train instructors, supervisors, and community leaders; provide ongoing technical assistance to its members; and carry out ongoing monitoring of the program.
2007$90,0002 years
This grant enables Freedom from Hunger’s partner in Mali, Avancons, to work with two Senegal organizations, Tostan and Usoforal in Casamance, through the introduction of ‘Savings for Change,’ a self-help savings-based program for rural women in West Africa. The program offers a village banking system combined with community health education services, financial management services, and leadership development.
2006$60,0002 years
With this grant, Freedom from Hunger builds the capacity of its West Africa operations to provide training to local organizations such as credit unions, rural banks and non-governmental organizations, thereby enhancing their ability to serve women’s groups, particularly rural women. The grant also enables Freedom from Hunger to establish new partnerships in West Africa and to integrate malaria and HIV/AIDS education into its financial services for women’s self-help groups. The target countries for this work include: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Togo.

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