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Global Fund for Women (GFW)
San Francisco, USA

The Global Fund for Women (GFW) is the largest grant-making foundation in the world that focuses exclusively on advancing women’s rights internationally. GFW advocates for and defends women’s human rights by making grants to seed, strengthen and link women's rights groups based around the world. Between its founding in 1987 and 2007, GFW has awarded over $56 million to over 3,300 women’s organizations in 165 countries around the world.

2010$155,0003 years
With this grant, GFW will further strengthen its Africa grantmaking program in Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. Grants will be awarded to innovative and effective women’s organizations that are protecting women’s rights, with priority given to groups based in rural communities.
2008$150,0002 years
This grant builds upon the achievements of the previous grant by continuing to fund women’s groups in French-speaking Africa. The grant enables GFW to: provide sustainable multi-year grants to women-led groups; support networking and movement building; and cultivate stronger relationships with women’s groups in under-represented countries.
2006$150,0002 years
This grant enables GFW to expand its grantmaking program in French-speaking Africa, which consists of 21 countries that are former French or Belgian colonies where French is an official language. In particular, the grant helps GFW to support grassroots initiatives that enhance women’s civic participation and increase economic opportunity through innovative economic justice activities.
2005$65,0001 year
This grant supports GFW’s grantmaking program in French-speaking Africa. Within French-speaking Africa, GFW’s priorities include: changing traditional practices and cultural norms that negatively impact women’s health; providing sexual and reproductive health education and services; and addressing HIV/AIDS through advocacy, prevention and support for women living with AIDS.
2005$20,0006 months
This grant enables representatives of GFW’s partner, Women in Law and Development in Africa-Zimbabwe (WiLDAF-Zimbabwe), to attend the 49th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women for the ten year global review of the Beijing Platform for Action. The representatives are four board members from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.
2005$1,2006 months
This grant facilitates the participation of Ms. Muadi Mukenge, GFW’s Program Officer for Africa, in the World Social Forum 2006 in Bamako, Mali. Specifically, the grant enables Ms. Mukenge to lead a workshop with the African Women’s Development Fund and New Field Foundation on resource mobilization for grassroots African women
2004$50,0001 year
This grant contributes to GFW’s grantmaking program in French-speaking Africa, which focuses thematically on: advancing health and sexual and reproductive rights; ensuring economic and environmental justice; ending gender-based violence and building peace; expanding civic and political participation; increasing access to education; and fostering social change philanthropy.
2004$50,0001 year
This grant is for GFW’s Now or Never Fund which enables GFW to respond strategically and swiftly to urgent challenges facing women around the world. The fund is part of GFW’s Investing in Women Campaign to raise $20 million to ensure GFW’s long-term stability and to increase its responsive grantmaking to women globally.
2004$15,0001 year
This grant is for the International Network of Women’s Funds (INWF), an international network of independent women’s funds committed to expanding the resources available to women’s rights organizations around the world by providing grants in their own communities. Specifically, the grant enables members of the network and resource people from Mongolia and Nepal to attend the network’s annual meeting in Brazil. GFW is a member of INWF and serves as its fiscal sponsor.

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