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Grants Awarded | Casamance

World Education
Boston, USA

World Education was founded in 1951 to meet the needs of the educationally disadvantaged around the world. It works with local partner institutions in over 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to provide training and technical assistance in non-formal education across many sectors. Key areas of focus include the environment, community development, maternal and child health and refugee training. World Education Senegal was established in Ziguinchor in 2001 and has played a central role in mediating the various factions of the conflict in Casamance.

2011$6,6676 months
This grant enables 13 rural women journalists from the community radio network in Casamance to participate in the 2011 World Social Forum in Dakar and visit other media outlets.
2010$150,0003 years
With this grant, World Education Senegal aims to strengthen the community radio network in Casamance. By providing institutional support, establishing a new radio station, holding training sessions to build capacity and enable staff to document progress and tools, World Education Senegal aims to ensure the stability and longevity of the community radio network.
2010$7,6906 months
This grant enables World Education Senegal to host a study tour by members of community radio in Liberia to learn about community radio in Casamance. In particular, the visiting group gains practical knowledge of the role of community radio in peace-making and in empowering women as key agents of this change.
2010$5,0006 months
With this grant, World Education Senegal is producing an English version of its documentary film, “Casamance: Les Voix de la Paix,” for widespread distribution and broadcast in African countries and beyond.
2009$75,0001 year
This grant enables World Education Senegal to establish two new community radio stations in Bignona district of Casamance that will join the radio network for peace and development. Specifically, the grant supports World Education Senegal to purchase broadcasting equipment and a motorbike for both radio stations and to recruit and train full time radio station technical staff. The grant also supports training on good governance and management of a radio station. The radio stations are intended to catalyze dialogue and peace, improve public health knowledge, and uphold women’s rights in Bignona district.
2009$10,0006 months
This grant enables World Education Senegal to maintain and upgrade its radio equipment, specifically through the purchase of antennas to increase the radius of radio coverage, equipment to improve production and sound quality, and transformers and lightning protectors to prevent damage during the rainy season in Casamance.
2008$150,0002 years
This grant builds on the achievements realized by previous grants to establish a network of community radios in Casamance in order to promote peace and assist communities to re-establish their lives after the conflict. Specifically, this grant supports the installation of an eighth community radio station, and helps strengthen the radio network for peace and development by increasing the technical capacity of all radio stations. The grant also provides for training network members on gender integration, shared programming, and fundraising.
2008$8,7136 months
This grant enables World Education to document the impact of its Casamance community radio program in promoting peace and ensuring the integration of women at all levels.
2006$59,9631 year
This grant advances World Education Senegal’s vision of building a network of community radio stations in Casamance run by community organizations and helping to secure peace in the region. Specifically, this grant helps to establish a community radio station in Samine of Kolda province, as well as to evaluate the station established in Oussouye with a previous grant.
2006$4,8916 months
This grant enabled the participation of a representative from AJAEDO, a World Education partner in Casamance, at the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya.
2005$36,0001 year
This grant is for the establishment of community radio in Oussouye, Casamance, in order to promote peace among villagers in the region and to share useful agricultural information that is useful for farming families. Specifically, World Education Senegal will train one community organization, AJAEDO, to install and operate the community radio station, while two other groups accompany and learn from the implementation process.
2005$1,5606 months
This grant enables the president of an all-women’s radio station, supported by World Education Senegal, to participate in the World Social Forum 2006 held in Bamako, Mali.

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