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Inter Pares
Ottawa, Canada

Inter Pares was founded in 1975 on a commitment to address conflict and injustice in Canada and around the world. The name Inter Pares means "among equals" in Latin and reflects the belief in the equality of people, North and South. Inter Pares believes in solidarity, not charity, as an approach to international cooperation and works closely with activists and organizations throughout the world to build peace, advance justice, and globalize equality.

2014$10,0001 year
This grant supports the translation into English and distribution of the documentary film La Fièvre Verte a well as the translation and dissemination of documents in French on landgrabs and genetically engineered crops in West Africa
2014$25,0006 months
This grant supports Inter Pares to collaborate with Inades-Formation and COPAGEN to host a visit to India by West African cotton and millet farmers to meet with indigenous communities producing organic cotton and millet.

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