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Grants Awarded | Casamance

Association des Jeunes Agriculteurs et Eleveurs du D├ępartement d'Oussouye (AJAEDO)
Oussouye, Senegal

Established in 1983, AJAEDO is an association of young farmers and animal breeders in the Oussouye Division of Casamance, 75% of whose members are women. The association provides training and support to its 21 community-based member groups, particularly in the area of rural development, project management, and income-generating activities. AJAEDO participates in national and regional networks to promote collaboration between organizations working on similar issues. It brings together rural women from other parts of Casamance to share their experience in such varied areas as peace-building, income-generation, and the search for partners.

2010$186,8233 years
Over three years, AJAEDO will facilitate the empowerment of rural women’s agricultural groups through community grants to nine groups. Specifically, the grant enables AJAEDO to work with groups to improve irrigation systems, develop market gardening plots, and build storerooms for agricultural products. These improvements will contribute to the food security of the communities in which the groups are based, as well as reduce the amount of labor required of women.
2010$6,2226 months
This grant enables seven rural women members of AJAEDO to participate in the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal in February 2011. The women are organizing and participating in activities aimed at raising awareness of their organization and the realities of their situation in Casamance.
2009$78,3501 year
This grant enables Ajaedo to provide community grants and technical support to nine of its member groups. Ajaedo will also create, monitor and document three solar irrigation test sites intended to alleviate the workload of rural women and improve local sustainable farming. In addition, the grant funds an annual workshop for representatives of Ajaedo members to share their community grantmaking experiences.
2009$2,1516 months
This grant enables three staff members of AJAEDO to attend a convening in Mbour, Senegal, with the purpose of strengthening and improving the quality and effectiveness of community grantmaking programs.
2008$53,1931 year
This grant enables AJAEDO to award 11 community grants to its member groups for agricultural activities, as well as the installation of solar irrigation systems to improve food production. AJAEDO will also provide training to the groups on financial and organizational management, as well as to raise awareness on women’s rights and women’s civic participation in the electoral process.
2008$8,1166 months
This grant enables AJAEDO to establish a community fund for the rural women of Oussouye. The fund supports Oussouye women’s groups in various community development projects.
2006$34,2821 year
This grant supports the establishment of a fund to bring resources directly to rural women’s groups. AJAEDO will provide community grants to five member groups to carry out agricultural, skills training and trading activities. Through regular visits and trainings, AJAEDO will provide technical assistance to the groups so they can operate their own bank accounts, keep financial records, develop their project management skills and increase rural women’s leadership.

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