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Bissau, Guinea Bissau

Tiniguena (creole for “This land is ours!”) was established in 1991 with the mission to make Guinea Bissau a nation rich in cultural and natural resources for the wellbeing of present and future generations. It contributes to environmental awareness and motivates people’s choices towards the use of local products that draw on biodiversity. Tiniguena focuses on integrated agriculture, the promotion of small scale food crops, agroecology and defending small farmers. Since 2000, the organization has worked with local communities to support the creation of the participatory management and governance of the Urok Islands, part of the rich biosphere reserve of the Bijagós Archipelago on the West Coast of Guinea Bissau.

2014$75,0001 year
This grant enables Tiniguena to strengthen the capacity of women and girls to work together, identify their vision and implement their priorities for the conservation and development of the Community Marine Protected Areas of the Urok Islands.
2013$30,0001 year
This grant enables Tiniguena to provide capacity-building for rural women through literacy and reproductive health training. The grant also makes possible ten scholarships for young girls and encourages the creation of a women’s association with an adopted three-year action plan. The overall goal of the grant is to correct the low level of participation of women in the management of the Community Marine Protected Areas (CMPA) of the Urok Islands.

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