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Grants Awarded | Mano River Union

Kailahun Women’s Co-operative
Kailahun, Sierra Leone

The Kailahun Women’s Co-operative emerged as an autonomous body in January 2012. The Kailahun Co-op seeks to advance the resources and rights of rural women in Kailahun District in eastern Sierra Leone, and is managed by elected rural women members. It undertakes socioeconomic-activities, particularly agricultural, that promote individual and community development necessary for self reliance. Its priority is to provide good food for family and community members, and to raise awareness on health and nutritional issues.

2014$10,0001 year
This grant assists the Kailahun Co-operative and its member groups to respond to the Ebola crisis.
2014$21,1471.5 years
This grant supports the Kailahun Co-operative and its member groups to sustain the economic viability of their agricultural activities, to educate member groups about rural women’s rights, and to build the management capacity of the groups and the Co-operative.
2013$16,7441 year
This grant supports the development of the Kailahun Co-operative through increased agricultural activities, the opening of an office in Daru with increased communication capacity, and district and inter district cooperative meetings.

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