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Grants Awarded | Niger River Basin

Coordination des Associations et ONG FĂ©minines du Mali (CAFO)
Bamako, Mali

The Coordination des Associations et ONG Féminines du Mali (CAFO) was established in 1991 to promote the well-being of women, children and families through women’s rights advocacy, literacy training, health care, sustainable agriculture, and enterprise development. It currently has 2,500 member associations in all districts of the country, with 80% of its members based in rural areas and urban peripheries. As a decentralized organization, its strategy for improving the status of women is to strengthen member groups, coordinate the actions of its member groups, and influence social policies to benefit women.

2015104,8801 year
This grant further supports the socio-economic advancement of rural women from 10 rural communities in the Mande commune in Mali where CAFO used New Field’s funds in 2014.
With this grant, CAFO facilitates the creation of women-led agricultural cooperatives, establishes a community-based legal network in the district and uses rural radio to communicate on democratic processes and rights advocacy.
2014$99,2741 year
This grant supports the socio-economic advancement of rural women from 10 communities in the Mande commune of southwestern Mali. With this grant, CAFO provides leadership training, hosts exchange visits between rural and urban women, supports income-generating activities, and organizes visits with other rural women’s groups from Burkina Faso.
2013$30,7051 year
This grant improves access for rural women to useful and appropriate information on human rights, conflict management, and good governance through the use of video, audio, and print media, and through practical training sessions on advocacy, mediation, and negotiation.

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